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Services for Builders/Architects

Lifestyle Networks is a relationship-driven company that strives to sincerely represent the best interests of our clients. We are passionate about building customized Information and Entertainment Infrastructures in an value-conscious manner. Working in close partnership with builders and architects, we provide the following services

Design:  Lifestyle Networks designs packages for each model of home offered using components such as Security System, Home Automation (Smart Home), Structured Cabling, Lighting Automation, Home Theater (Surround Sound Systems), Whole House Audio/Video (Media Management), Surveillance Camera Systems and Energy Management Solutions that reflect high quality and value.
Installation and Programming: Lifestyle Networks installs components using trained installers. We design and program easy-to-use software interfaces that can be accessed from inside as well as outside the house to control devices. The software interfaces are customized to suit the preferences of home owners.
Maintenance and Support:  Lifestyle Networks is committed to maintaining and supporting our installations. Further, all our products carry warranty.

Following are the reasons that Lifestyle Networks is uniquely qualified to assist builders and architects with digital living and automation solutions:
Credentials:  Members of Lifestyle Networks' management team have excellent academic credentials and significant experience in fields related to the implementation of digital technologies such as construction, electrical engineering, computer science, operations and information management.
Experience: Lifestyle Networks has over a decade of international experience since being founded in the United States in 2002 and process knowledge to ensure that our designs and installations are reliable.
Technology: Lifestyle Networks uses affordable technologies that is based on open source protocols to integrate various products so that changes can be made easily in the future as needed. Lifestyle Networks' own digital living research and development group is capable of addressing specialized requirements.
Integrity and Professionalism: Lifestyle Networks conducts business in a transparent manner. You can expect a high level of professionalism from our people.