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    Lifestyle Networks can redefine living experience in just about every aspect of human endeavor

Since our founding in the United States in 2002, Lifestyle Networks' focus has been on delivering beautiful digital living experiences in a value-conscious manner, enabled by elegant designs and personalized service.

Lifestyle Networks specializes in transforming Living Rooms into the Ultimate Digital Living Experience. Working closely with architects and interior designers, we seamlessly blend in digital living elements such as visitor management, advanced security, indoor lighting design and control, natural lighting design and control, exceptional television viewing experience and personalized media management. Come back home every day to a great experience!

Lifestyle Networks can design and implement digital living experiences to benefit various aspects of human endeavor such as:

  • Enhancing living experience in homes
  • Personalizing guest experience in hotels
  • Improving patient experience in healthcare facilities
  • Enabling convenience in office spaces such as in conference rooms
  • Improving learning experience for students in educational institutions
  • Delivering better shopping experience to customers in retail establishments
  • Enhancing the safety of elderly people and children