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Experience the benefits of Smart Living in an energy-efficient manner

Lifestyle Networks takes a comprehensive approach to understanding and designing solutions to greatly enhance the lives of people and communities. We have significant experience in implementing technology solutions for Smart Buildings and Smart Communities to improve energy efficiency and conserve resources based on concepts recommended by organizations such as LEED. Lifestyle Networks promotes Smart Living for people due to the fact that we consider individuals as building blocks of Smart Communities. In our view, Smart Living is defined as follows:

"Smart Living enables us to be organized and efficient, gives us security and peace of mind, entertains us in the manner desired, reduces stress and anxiety because we are empowered with information and gives us the ability to make important decisions at the right time".

Smart Living Benefits

  • Being able to create and implement beautiful lighting scenes such as "entertain", "relax", "romance" or "goodnight" where multiple lights respond to a single touch of a button on a tablet or a smartphone. Combined with complementary music, lighting scenes can create the perfect mood for an evening with family or guests.

  • The ability to monitor home security system for intrusion and being able to activate or deactivate the system from remote locations when occasion warrants (for example, when it is necessary to let the caretaker into the home when traveling).

  • Enabling organization of songs, photos and music in a central media server and being able to access the content from any television or tablet device

  • Being able to save energy while preserving comfort by pre-programming air-conditioning systems and using occupancy sensors

  • Hotel guests being able to enjoy a personalized experience including lighting control, entertainment and concierge services at the touch of a button on a tablet device

  • Parents being able to monitor the safety of their children and caregivers being able to remotely monitor the health and well-being of the elderly

The above are some examples of the benefits of a digital lifestyle that can be delivered in a personalized and value-conscious manner by Lifestyle Networks. PleaseContact us and find out how we can add tremendous value to your life